Sundays are a highlight of the week because of the privilege of worshiping God together and hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.  

We love to sing songs and hymns with rich biblical truth. We are passionate worshipers of God who is worthy of praise and honor.

The Bible tells us that God impresses His truth on the hearts of his people through the faithful preaching of his Word. We therefore highly value preaching as a time that we hear the voice of God proclaiming his eternal truth

During the service we offer a dedicated Children's ministry for children up to 5th grade. We believe the Bible teaches that the parents are to be the primary spiritual influence on their children. Our Sunday morning children’s classes are designed to help parents direct their children’s hearts to Christ.

After the sermon everyone gets to enjoy refreshments and connect with visitors, family and friends.

Because it’s the time of the week when we’re all together, Sunday is a cornerstone of our life together. God equips his children with spiritual gifts as well as the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit to build up one another in truth and love. By God's grace we experience rich fellowship on Sundays.