Let the Congregation Sing!


Beginning Sunday September 30 we will be changing the format of our worship gathering by singing four songs to begin the service and one after the sermon.

For the last couple of years we have had a liturgy (or order of service) that gave us time for responsive worship. Singing in response to the word of God that is preached. We may occasionally order a service in this way but we are looking forward to shifting the service in the months ahead.

Some of the benefits of making a switch for this season of life at Reservoir include having families together for more of the worship time. This will allow younger believers to participate in communion with their families and see worship modeled by adult believers each week. Children’s Ministry teams will also be able to spend more time in worship before teaching classes.

The extended time of singing will give a longer continuous time of worship for adult and the Lord may use it to prepare our hearts for the preaching of the word.

Of course, no matter our schedule, we want to remain obedient to the Spirit and be flexible as the Lord leads. So we hope you look forward to this change and worship with abandon as a congregation!

Also be encouraged to avoid seeing the longer musical set as a buffer for your late arrival to the gathering. There is truly great benefit from being on time and investing time in the family of faith’s corporate worship times!

Just The Facts September 12, 2018


We are taking a bit of a break from Isaiah as we share Jesus and tacos with our neighbors in Escondido. Sunday we will think through who Jesus is and who we are in light of him. We will study Colossians 1:15-23. Take part, feast on the word and then feast on TJ’s tacos. 10 am 2437 S Centre City PKWY, Escondido.

Community Prayer - Tomorrow at 7 pm. We will gather for some worship and prayer. The Lord has really been using these times to encourage us so plan to join in. We meet in the church office/ kids space.


Neighborhood Walk - There is still time to participate this Saturday, September 15 at 10 am. We will be handing out balloons and invite cards throughout the neighborhood. See you Saturday!

Buy Your Lunch - As we are preparing to invite and welcome our neighbors for a free lunch in September. In order to offset the costs of the lunch, we are asking members and regular Reservoir attendees to make a suggested donation of $5 per person for their lunch. This will get you two tacos and a drink. We want everyone to stick around for lunch so if this is a burden don't sweat it.


Hidden With Christ - September 29. Reservoir Women our fall retreat is set and we are excited. There is still time to register at reservoirchurchsd.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/147204