Newsletter May 23, 2018


Sunday we welcome Pastor Matt Larsen as he opens the word for us. Luke 10:25-37. 10 AM at 2437 S Centre City PKWY in Escondido. Join us for worship and the word. 

Mid-Week Projects - Interested in helping to clean the church space? Or maybe your are keen on accomplishing a few projects that remain. Email and we will get you workin'. 

Kids After Service - While we are figuring out our new space, we need parents to keep their kiddos near them in the Sanctuary rather than letting them return to the CM space. We don't want kids in unobserved rooms for safety. 

Prayer Walk Escondido - Interested in walking and praying through the neighborhoods around the church? Contact to get plugged in. 

Newsletter May 16, 2018


Sunday at Reservoir we meet Apollos, the gifted preacher with some incomplete doctrine. Don't worry, he is set straight and the church flourishes. But what of our incomplete doctrine? Why is the church and access to each other so important? That's where we are headed. 10 am in Escondido. Be there. 

Special Needs Outreach - Sunday at 2 pm our team will visit friends at Villa Bernardo in Rancho Bernardo. Join in on the action as we bring songs and a bit of Jesus to this skilled nursing facility. Talk with Janice or Bill Sunday to tag along. 

School's Out Bash - We are planning an end of the school year party for our youth. If you are interested in helping give us a shout. 

Small Groups - Interested in starting a new group in your neighborhood as we slide into summer? Talk with Jonathan and we will get you set and ready to go